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Reply To: Who are the best carriers?

Vurcos to Sandy

Hi Sandy,

My advise to you is to by 2 IP phones (assuming that both you and your daughter have High Speed Internet access). Snom (
Sells phones for about $250 each or less. I would help you out for free or they would help you set things up for free. This would eliminate a monthly bill or any bill for phone calls to you and daughter with the exception of Internet cost. What this means is that you keep your same phone company, no long distance charges to call your daughter and no monthly bill for a provider like Vonage. One thing to be careful of is that lots of people on these forums are resellers of services like Vonage, Net2Phone and others. So please research and don’t always take things to heart. I don’t have any interest in reselling, but know VoIP really well. Snom IP phones or other IP phones would be your best bet. I just like Snom because they are very very simple to configure.