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Who are the best carriers?

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    I’m new to this space and am trying to stay in contact with my daughter in Australia. As I start researching I’m finding there are many service providers, but not any good way of evaluating them.

    So, is there a place that lists providers and reviews them?

    What is your favorite carrier? and how good are they?



    If you wanted just to call one person, to a fixed location. there is a better option than go trought carriers.
    Get a couple of Aplio ‘s from E-bay. Send one to your daughter and you could call each other and talk for alomst free for as many hours as you like.
    The only cost is the internet access on each end , like few dollars a month on the U.S and whatever they charge down under.
    There are two Aplio versions. The dial-up (Aplio phone) and the Aplio Pro (for broadband,like cable and ADSl).
    I used them a lot before I got Quintum Tenors in both ends, becaming my own carrier.
    Any questions write to


    Calling my daughter in Australia is only the impetus for researching at this time. I have been considering this for a while in an effort to reduce our phone bill.



    I understand. For a basic setup, meaning one VOIP terminal at your end and a provider, you could use the service of the company providing this board.
    Look in the banner in top of the page. If you buy an ATA 186, setup and account with Dual Talk and you will be talking within few minutes from opening the box.
    Prices may not be absolutely the lowest for any destination, but they are good across the board.
    Imagine that I need to pay 7 cents a minute on the U.S. just to call someone next county.
    VIa London and Dual talk I cut that down to less than 3 cents.
    Absolutely mind twisting.

    Good luck!!!


    Last question, I think.

    I have heard good things about Vonage (lower rates to Australia and they provide the ATA 168) but they charge a monthly rate for a bunch of minutes – like a cell phone.

    What do you know about them?

    Thanks for your help!

    Vurcos to Sandy

    Hi Sandy,

    My advise to you is to by 2 IP phones (assuming that both you and your daughter have High Speed Internet access). Snom (
    Sells phones for about $250 each or less. I would help you out for free or they would help you set things up for free. This would eliminate a monthly bill or any bill for phone calls to you and daughter with the exception of Internet cost. What this means is that you keep your same phone company, no long distance charges to call your daughter and no monthly bill for a provider like Vonage. One thing to be careful of is that lots of people on these forums are resellers of services like Vonage, Net2Phone and others. So please research and don’t always take things to heart. I don’t have any interest in reselling, but know VoIP really well. Snom IP phones or other IP phones would be your best bet. I just like Snom because they are very very simple to configure.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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