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Reply To: Insights required for simple LAN setup


What about 4 phone lines across the lan, that let you have four conversations at the same time???
The VOIP boxes requiere a static I.P. and either single line phones at each end, or a conection to a 2 wire normal PSTN trunk port on your phone system.
The boxes could be setup via a small program that come with the box.
It takes about 10 minutes to setup each box.
You could asign numbers to each one of the four ports, and even make calls from one port of the VOIP box to the other,
Lets say you have four phones on location “A”. Each phone is located in a diferent room. Now you could call acroos the LAN to any number on your building, or any of the four numbers on the other building.
A virtual PBX, with eight extensions, four local and four remote.
Now even better. If you have internet with good bandwith on one of the buildings, you could add four more extensions on another building in another city, country or continent.
Ready for the price?????
$ 250.00 USD for the first set of two boxes. Sometimes even cheaper.

Go to e-bay. Do a search for Ericsson VOIP. There is a person offering sets of two for something like $219.00 USD.
Those boxes have super audio. I use them from U.S. to South America and they sound like PSTN, except that it is free.
I you go for those boxes and requiere a testing, post on this forum your e-mail and I give you the I.P. of the one in the U.S. to make test calls.