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Insights required for simple LAN setup

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    Just found the site after much searching for a basic insight into VoIP, and wondered if someone might be able to give me an overview of how to get VoIP to work across a LAN.

    My scenario is that I have two buildings 40 metres apart, and I’m just about to put a wireless bridge in between them to allow data networking as the businsesses in between won’t let me run any cables across them. I would like to be able to make calls between location A & B without actually dialling them via the PSTN, as most calls would be very short and not even get near the min call charge.

    Not knowing anything about VoIP, I’m hoping that I could get a couple of matched products and plug them into the LAN and make calls in between them without ever going out to the internet, or requiring enterprise level hardware to be installed. Have I missed the point or just an eternal dreamer of a life made simpler by IT???

    So desired solution: Two reasonably priced (i.e. not 000’s) products with the ability to talk between each other across a LAN. Both units will be on static IP addresses, not going onto the net at any point or through a firewall.

    Is this possible?

    Appreciation in advance for any isights you might be able to offer me, thanks for taking the time to review this!!

    All the best

    Brighton, UK

    We have a 4 line ISDN meridian system at location A


    What about 4 phone lines across the lan, that let you have four conversations at the same time???
    The VOIP boxes requiere a static I.P. and either single line phones at each end, or a conection to a 2 wire normal PSTN trunk port on your phone system.
    The boxes could be setup via a small program that come with the box.
    It takes about 10 minutes to setup each box.
    You could asign numbers to each one of the four ports, and even make calls from one port of the VOIP box to the other,
    Lets say you have four phones on location “A”. Each phone is located in a diferent room. Now you could call acroos the LAN to any number on your building, or any of the four numbers on the other building.
    A virtual PBX, with eight extensions, four local and four remote.
    Now even better. If you have internet with good bandwith on one of the buildings, you could add four more extensions on another building in another city, country or continent.
    Ready for the price?????
    $ 250.00 USD for the first set of two boxes. Sometimes even cheaper.

    Go to e-bay. Do a search for Ericsson VOIP. There is a person offering sets of two for something like $219.00 USD.
    Those boxes have super audio. I use them from U.S. to South America and they sound like PSTN, except that it is free.
    I you go for those boxes and requiere a testing, post on this forum your e-mail and I give you the I.P. of the one in the U.S. to make test calls.


    The boxes are called Ericsson WEB Switch 100.They are blue in color, have a metal ,square box.

    2 Ericsson VoIP Gateways I-NET phone service
    Item # 2734782171

    This is one of the postings, but there are normally about a dozen of them.
    Oh yeah, I am not the guy selling them. Just have a couple of them.


    Really appreciate the heads up on the Ericsson’s, not heard of them before, VoIP doesn’t seem to have really got started in the UK yet. No mention of this level of product when doing UK based searches!!

    Based on your recommendation and reading some of the US based ebay descriptions of the Ericssons, think I’m going to take a plunge of give them a go. Sounds like alot more than I than I bargained for yet costing alot less!!! :o)

    Thanks again for the help, might take you up on that very kind offer of letting me try an external unit by dialling you. Would be helpful to get a proper understanding of just what I can and can’t do with the kit.

    All the best

    Brighton, UK


    What I was unable to do with those boxes:

    Make them register with a Quintum gatekeeper. They do not seems to be compatible.
    Some people reported that they work perfect with GNUCK , the free gatekeeper that you download from the web.
    I could not make it work on NAT configuration. Did not put much effort to the project also.

    What I did: Make calls from box “a” on a fix I.P. to box “b” on another fix ip. No trouble ever.
    Audio is perfect, almost no echo at all.(with a good I.P. route, around 200 ms round trip from U.S. to South America).

    Good luck!!! I will be gone for two weeks, but we should be able to test after July 2nd.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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