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Reply To: Voicemaster feedback anyone?

Robert L.

We have recently purchased a VoIP starter package sonsisting of 1 GW Sysmaster 7000 4xT1 and one GK VoiceMaster 1000. Our price got to around $25k with two optional modules. As far as performance, I don’t have anything yet since we haven’t got to test them out. The reason why we chose SysMaster products over everyone else, is because they offered exactly what we need, for the exact price. Going with Cisco or Quintum, Nextone and all other, you might be paying for features that you might never use. Even if you bought all the modules with the system you would still cut at a lower price than any competitor. The only inconvenience, you want 24/7 support, you have to buy it. Support might be worth it since you speak directly to the engineer that built it, not to some call center out in India. THat of course, for whoever wants it. Myself, i will resume to the old RTFM.