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Reply To: Your opinion about Quintum?


Dear All,

I have a weird message on my Quintum AX2400 when I run ev qu ( display event queue)

The error is the following, I wonder if anyone has an idea what it could be?


excp |01/01| 2005/12/30|14:27:02:385 DSP 5 Failure. Error: -8
excp |01/01| 2005/12/30|14:27:02:385 Redownload DSP 4 and 5
excp |01/01| 2005/12/30|14:27:03:765 DIM: 2 DSP ERROR: Reason= DIM ERROR: State Timeout
excp |01/01| 2005/12/30|14:27:03:765 DIM: 2:*, State Timeout Error (State = WAIT_RESTART_IND)
excp |01/01| 2005/12/30|14:27:03:765 DIM: 2:*, BRINGING DSP DOWN !!