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Your opinion about Quintum?

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    MikeM to Dylan


    You can find all the available manuals/documenation on Quintum’s web site under support section. You can also find useful information about VoIP in general at the following web site

    If you need specific setup/configuration information, you may contact me directly at and We can discuss your needs.



    i am using tenor ax series gw.i lost my password thats why i cant login that gw.please what is the procedure break the password.


    Dear All,

    I have a weird message on my Quintum AX2400 when I run ev qu ( display event queue)

    The error is the following, I wonder if anyone has an idea what it could be?


    excp |01/01| 2005/12/30|14:27:02:385 DSP 5 Failure. Error: -8
    excp |01/01| 2005/12/30|14:27:02:385 Redownload DSP 4 and 5
    excp |01/01| 2005/12/30|14:27:03:765 DIM: 2 DSP ERROR: Reason= DIM ERROR: State Timeout
    excp |01/01| 2005/12/30|14:27:03:765 DIM: 2:*, State Timeout Error (State = WAIT_RESTART_IND)
    excp |01/01| 2005/12/30|14:27:03:765 DIM: 2:*, BRINGING DSP DOWN !!


    Hello mike,

    got a queston from Quintum AX series…How to change the default web console port (8080) in Quintum through telnet ..plz help me with the necessary commands… that will greatful …




    You can easily find this information and information on just about every command in the AX if you simply go to Quintum’s web site, to the support section, follow the link for AX and download their help application that fully describes all the telnet commands and you can even search through it to find the commands. In this case, if you search on web, you would find the command webserverport located in the ethernet interface level. And you can use this command to change the web server port.


    help required. We are using A800. the problem we are facing that we are not able to disconnect dial tone even if we try to dial. pLease help

    MikeM to Bank


    Check to make sure that your phone is using dtmf digits and not pulse/rotary dialing. Also, did you change any of the gain settings?

    If you require more assistance you can contact me at



    I have a Quintum DX2024 which I use for a calling card platform – calls come via PSTN (T1 line), and sent via H323 to destination Gateway.

    I need to use the same Quintum box to redirect some DIDs to a SIP server, so that when that DID is called, the call is automatically directed to our SIP servver via the Quintum. The DIDs are pointing to the Quintum T1 at present, but want them to be redirected seamlessly. I understand this may be done via Trunking groups. Can you help me with some advice. I use a GUI, Quintum Config manager.


    I cannot access my A800 neither through Console or telnet, after i changed the IP, Through consol i get a resetting loop

    Scanning for zip file…………….
    Found file at 0x2830020

    I cannot get to Modify(M) or continue (C)
    i’m stuck, pls help…

    MikeM to NNjonjo

    This is a very common problem when you change the IP address. Many times users change the IP address, but forget to change the subnet mask and/or the default gateway. The unit is resetting because it believes that there is a mismatch between the new Ip address, the default gateway and/or the subnet. You need to modify the information and make sure that the IP address is in the same network as the default gateway. You can also try setting the IP to, the default gateway to and the subnet to That should stop the reset as well. Then go through and reconfigure the IP address and default gateway.


    Thanks very much mike, u have been so helpful in this forum. But all i get is
    Scanning for zip file…………….
    Found file at 0x2830020
    I cannot get to Modify(M) or continue (C)… so, what should i do to change the ip settings at this stage? thanks, nnjonjo

    MikeM to NNjonjo

    It sounds like the file is corrupted and you will need to restore all the files. There is a procedure for doing this on Quintum’s web site. It can be found at



    I’m in this hard situation.
    I have a quintum tenor ax2400 gateway. Sometime few channel of gateway are hangon. But, by telneting i see call is running on those channel. I can’t reset the gateway at that time bcoz many calls are passing that time. If i reset it all calls are fall down.
    please help me about it.



    I have problem.
    My Tenor AX800 cannot transmit calls. What I to do?
    Thank you.

    MikeM to Mari


    That is a very broad and general statement/problem. There could be hundreds of things wrong from you did not turn the unit on to it not being configured correctly to the IP network being down.

    My guess is that it may not be configured correctly. If you would like me to assist you in this problem, you can contact me at

Viewing 15 posts - 226 through 240 (of 287 total)
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