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Reply To: Your opinion about Quintum?


If what you are triyng to do is going from the Quintum to a provider that gives you the IVR and prompts and billing, that is easy.
All what you do is create a I.P. route and oint a trunk group to it.
That way, when a call com in to the Quintum, the quintum will answer with the IVR that is coming over the I.P. network.

If you are triyng to get customers or small gateways to get the IVR loaded on the Quintum, I do not know if it is posible .

I know that It could be done on Cisco, but with some codec limitations.

Maybe Dave could clarify that point for all of us.

If you need specific in how to do the Quintum outgoing to IVr on provider, send a e-mail to mike3799@yahoo and I send you a sample.

And Dave, what kind of info could you provide on I.P. legs into a Quintum??? Is that posible????