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Reply To: How to redirect PSTN calls over VOIP?


Thank you for your comprehensive responses.

To elaborate further, I am simply seeking for a solution which will answer just one incoming PSTN line in our main office (sales hotline), which can then be answered by just one sales representative in an overseas remote office location. Therefore the solution required is just for one line. I want to keep hardware costs down without compromising quality, and want to implement a reliable solution which will work effectively to perform this task.

From my understanding, to achieve this I could use a single port FXO gateway at the central office location, which would directly be connected to the PSTN (we do not have a PABX). You recommended an Audiocodes unit to perform this task. How about the Multitech systems unit MVP120? would this also perform the same task?

It is important that when the unit answered the PSTN call that it immediately transfers the call to the remote device, without requiring the caller to enter an extension number, etc.

For the remote device, I understand that an ATA186 could be used, connected to a normal telephone, or I could install an IP phone like a Cisco 7960?

I only require the system to work one-way. For example, to answer incoming calls from the PSTN. I do not require the ability to make telephone calls through the remote device. One way functionality is all that is needed, but two way would be a bonus, however I’m concerned about needing to have static IP’s at both ends.

For this reason, can I have a dynamic IP address for the gateway device, and a static only on the remote end.

I hope this gives you more information about what I am trying to achieve. If you have any questions or require clarification, please let me know.

Thanks and regards, Todd.