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How to redirect PSTN calls over VOIP?

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    I am looking for a solution which will allow me to redirect normal calls from over the PSTN through the Internet, which then will be answered by an IP phone? Does anyone have a solution for this? can I use just two ATA186 devices or am I on the wrong track?



    yes, you can use the ATA boxes to do this service. or you can have some kind of IP phone application running in a computer.

    what you need to have is a kind of call manager in your network, on witch the ATA will log on.


    Hi Daniel. Thanks for your reply. I’m a little confused about this. Can you confirm that the ATA186 can indeed interface directly to the PSTN, so that it will answer incoming calls, which can then be directed through the IP network and answered remotely through another ATA186 unit. I haven’t been able to find any information specifically that confirms that the ATA186 will accept incoming calls from the PSTN. Thanks and regards


    Todd, the ATA 186 is a FXS type of device.That means that internally it SUPLIES dc voltage to the interface,like to feed a phone type of instrument or device.If you connect a ATA 186 to the phone line coming from a PBX or a Central Office ,most likely the ringing voltage from the C.O. will fry it.
    In principle you will need a FXO type of device to connect to you phone like. Something like a one or two port gateway with FXO interface. That will do the conversion from normal phone line to I.P. or internet on the other side of the box.
    At the other location you will need a I.P. phone or a FXS gateway that reverses the process.
    Look for a one or two port gateway that will do “peer to peer”.That means that it will not requiere a third element call the call manager or the gatekkeper to stablish the call betwen the two boxes.
    That is if both places have static I.P. addreses. If you could only get dinamic or PPOE addresses, you will need the third element or gatekkeper to kkep track of the changing I.P. addressses of your terminals.
    Good luck to you.!!!!!!



    The other gentleman couldn’t answer better. Maybe I miss understand your question in first place.

    You should have an FXO type of gateway to interface with the PSTN. This equipment will answer the phone and redirect the call to the final destination, that can be an FXS box like ATA 186.

    I don’t know what is the size of your project but you can use a box with 2 FXO ports from Audiocodes for example or a Cisco AS5xxx for a larger operation.

    Can you give more details of your project?


    Thank you for your comprehensive responses.

    To elaborate further, I am simply seeking for a solution which will answer just one incoming PSTN line in our main office (sales hotline), which can then be answered by just one sales representative in an overseas remote office location. Therefore the solution required is just for one line. I want to keep hardware costs down without compromising quality, and want to implement a reliable solution which will work effectively to perform this task.

    From my understanding, to achieve this I could use a single port FXO gateway at the central office location, which would directly be connected to the PSTN (we do not have a PABX). You recommended an Audiocodes unit to perform this task. How about the Multitech systems unit MVP120? would this also perform the same task?

    It is important that when the unit answered the PSTN call that it immediately transfers the call to the remote device, without requiring the caller to enter an extension number, etc.

    For the remote device, I understand that an ATA186 could be used, connected to a normal telephone, or I could install an IP phone like a Cisco 7960?

    I only require the system to work one-way. For example, to answer incoming calls from the PSTN. I do not require the ability to make telephone calls through the remote device. One way functionality is all that is needed, but two way would be a bonus, however I’m concerned about needing to have static IP’s at both ends.

    For this reason, can I have a dynamic IP address for the gateway device, and a static only on the remote end.

    I hope this gives you more information about what I am trying to achieve. If you have any questions or require clarification, please let me know.

    Thanks and regards, Todd.

    FreeBSD User

    >How about the Multitech systems unit MVP120? would this also perform the same task?

    Yes Todd, how about the MVP? Did/does it work like this? If so, how did you make the magic work?

    Because my bright shinny new MVP210 answers the phone and hangs up right away. More interesting than the preformance of the voicetronix card, its still not what I’m expecting.


    I think you can use FXS-FXO converter to plug your ATA 186 to PSTN. Never try but found interesting here


    sir iam using cisco ata 186 for net2phone it is working fine now i need to how to access from pstn
    telephone line to cisco ata 186 to make net2phone calls please tell me how to configure as soon as possible

    To Todd

    You need to use an FXO gateway to connect to the PSTN .. it then can forward calls to another IP device seemlessly.


    The simplest way to send calls from IP to the PSTN it to use the Welltech FXO units. They are very cheap and do dynamic CODEC negotiation – therefore if one call is G.723 and the next is G.729 it’s no problem.
    Also the units come in SIP and H.323 flavours so it opens up the number of companies you can trade traffic with.

    Hope this helps, Mat Hitchcock –

    Eddie to Khaja

    As BigKing75 said you need an FXS-FXO converter to plug your ATA 186 to a normal telephone line. With this device, you can originate calls by dialling the PSTN telephone number, check


    Todd … you are on the wrong track … FXO gateways interface with the PSTN FXS interface with an analog phone. Check some of the diagrams on the QTelNet website … you may find something that will help you.


    hi all,
    i have cisco ata 186 using it for net2phone to make india to us /uk
    international calls max 25 users use net2phone in my company
    my scenario:
    i need min 6 pstn lines support fxs to fxo converter and call manager to manage seperate user accounts for 25 users and monitor the usage and restrict the account utilization.
    please mail me the solution and the required device as soon as possible


    i am using Quintum Tenor gateway for voip call routing.i am not able to hear ring tone while call is routing to the destionation but i can talk with destination users.

    Pls help me


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