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Reply To: 2nd dail (quintum)


Hi All,

I have a tenor ASM-400 with 4 lines FXO and 4 lines FXS, i want to use device as an IP PBX box with the following services :

1. Customers dial our real PSTN lines and tenor pick up the calls and route them to Digital-Attendant (DA) in SIP proxy server (i use 3CX sip server).
DA play an IVR sound and tell customer to dial desirable extension number, after customer dial an extension, 3CX will route the call to extension that has an IP Phone.
2. When some one from office wants to make an outside call, first dial 9 (For example) then he/she hears the real PSTN dial tone and start dialing the outside office phone number.

i want to know that is this possible to provide this service with this devices and softwares ? if yes, please tell me how to config them in general.