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Reply To: 2nd dail (quintum)


Hi R6,

An alternative method is to install the Syslog server software that is free from Quintum. This will capture all of the events to a PC on your network.

This makes it simpler to find events later without getting the eyestrain trying to read the event log in real time.

Each event is time stamped – the long number at the front is the stamp. If you type

> time 0

at the CLI prompt it will give you the time the unit was restarted.

If you type time then followed by the long number it will give you the time of the event in a useful format.

Unfortunately the SNMP traps offered by the Quintum are fairly limited, although on a positive note we have just received a beta release of the new Quintum monitoring software that displays calls and stats through a browser in real-time.

I beleive that this will be on general release very shortly – so watch this space.

Hope this helps.