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Reply To: VoIP Problems – Need Help



We still have not completly set up our VOIP due to the problem in Novemeber. Our India office can hear me fine, but my side of the line is still ringing. I have been told that it was our router which is a flowpoint 2200. Multitech said that it was not compatible with H.323 which allows the voice packets to be heard. We then purchased a new model router which was the Efficient 5851, and set that up. But now I have another problem. The new router will not allow me to get to the internet. I guess my next step is to contact Multitech again and see if there is something else I can do.

What model of the Flowpiont router are you currently using?

We have never had more than 1 line going yet, so I am unaware of any decrease in quality.

We purchased our VoIP online. It was much cheaper.