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VoIP Problems – Need Help

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    I have recently installed VoIP in our office in the US and also our office in India. We are able to make a connection, but they can hear me, but I can not here them. I have called everyone and I cannot find an answer. One person told me that our router may not be H.323 compatible or it might be because we have SDSL. I don’t think the problem is with the DSL, I think it might be our router. The only thing is that I don’t want to replace the router and the problem still continue. Does anyone have any suggestions? My router is a Flowpoint 2200 SDSL Router and our VoIP boxes are from MultiTech (MVP-410) just in case it matters.
    I appreciate any information you may have. – Thanks


    Shelly. Please let me know if the problem that you were facing has been resolved.

    We are in the process of setting up the same infrastructure with our Bombay Development center. The US has high speed DSL with a Flowpoint router ( and we plan on purchase the Mutitech 410.

    Bombay has a 128KBPS line to the Internet.

    Can you tell me what kind of voice quality you are receiving.
    Does quality suffer when you have 2 – 4 concurent lines in use.
    What would be a good soure to purchase these VOIP Gateways.

    Any feedback on your experience will help. Thanks.


    you’d better check
    both side IP address

    that must be use real IP

    but if you use VPN both side that’s no problem



    We still have not completly set up our VOIP due to the problem in Novemeber. Our India office can hear me fine, but my side of the line is still ringing. I have been told that it was our router which is a flowpoint 2200. Multitech said that it was not compatible with H.323 which allows the voice packets to be heard. We then purchased a new model router which was the Efficient 5851, and set that up. But now I have another problem. The new router will not allow me to get to the internet. I guess my next step is to contact Multitech again and see if there is something else I can do.

    What model of the Flowpiont router are you currently using?

    We have never had more than 1 line going yet, so I am unaware of any decrease in quality.

    We purchased our VoIP online. It was much cheaper.


    Thanks. I actually realized that our router is a Netopia R7100-C. I will check if the router is H.323 compatible.

    Please let me know what website you purchased the Mutitech 410 from. The price I have is $1999.



    PS: We already tested the Mutitech 410 for calls from India to the US and it seems to be working very well.


    Hello Shelly,

    It’s verry important to know the ip address of the two phones (if compatible) because the RTP striming work between the two phone end no between the two’s corrected that the phone ring bat you can’t speak.



    we are using a MVP800 8 port successfully between our NJ and India office and the voice quality is also excellent.Maybe a conversation might help if u want to call 732 767 1438 ext 210



    We are planning to test Mutitech MVP 410 between US Office and Indain Office . I have heard from you about the Interoffice communication Using Multitech , but using this MultiTech is the voice Quality Good for Professional Client Communication ?. We also Intend to hook the MVP lines to the EPBX at booth the End’s , And the EPBX in US to be configured to send the call received from the PSTN to the MVP in US and inturn calls to the FXS in INDIA . Will this work out. Pls give u r Valuable sigguestions , U r suggestions R welcomed to


    anyone can help me to retrive the passwd for MVP-810

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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