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Reply To: SIP .v. H.323


Thanks Alexander, and also thanks R,

I tried R’s soloution 1st,(the easiest) . My 7960 MGCP would go “upgrading software” for about half a second, then nothing.

Basically, what I had to do was indicated in Alexander’s posted URL.

I downloaded P0S30202.bin from the cisco website and created a OS79XX.TXT with only P0S30202 in the body (in the tftppath dir), and rebooted the phone. At that point, the phone accepted the load which it bypassed (due to the ver?) before.

Then, I edited the OS79XX.TXT to replace P0S30202 with P00303010108 which was also in the tftppath dir and rebooted the phone again, successfully changing the phone from MGCP to Skinny.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but essentially what I did was “downgraded” the phone from MGCP to an earlier version of skinny code (2.3?), then upgraded it from there…

Thanks to all,

I think I’ll hang out in this forum for awhile…