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SIP .v. H.323

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    Just type in the proper tftp server in the config, save and then reset the phone. It will download its default config(which should be a skinny default config, which should point to the right load also, then voila it should work.


    Thanks Alexander, and also thanks R,

    I tried R’s soloution 1st,(the easiest) . My 7960 MGCP would go “upgrading software” for about half a second, then nothing.

    Basically, what I had to do was indicated in Alexander’s posted URL.

    I downloaded P0S30202.bin from the cisco website and created a OS79XX.TXT with only P0S30202 in the body (in the tftppath dir), and rebooted the phone. At that point, the phone accepted the load which it bypassed (due to the ver?) before.

    Then, I edited the OS79XX.TXT to replace P0S30202 with P00303010108 which was also in the tftppath dir and rebooted the phone again, successfully changing the phone from MGCP to Skinny.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but essentially what I did was “downgraded” the phone from MGCP to an earlier version of skinny code (2.3?), then upgraded it from there…

    Thanks to all,

    I think I’ll hang out in this forum for awhile…



    I have developed H.323 Stack, the design itself is painful.And the ASN.1 encoding decoding took hell a lot of time and brain.But SIP is not that complex simple HTTP based.
    I definitely prefer SIP 🙂


    Ravi soni

    after knowing the difference between the SIP and H.323, what I feel and suggest to oyher , both are different entity and it depends upon the application what we r going to developed over these stack, but in H.323 if we understand the ASN.1 , its very easy to rite the H.323 stack b’coz it is more secure and native to ITU flavours.


    Hi ,

    I am presently working on testing a Cisco VOIP product.
    I want to get a better understanding of the VOIP domain.
    Can any body suggest various website which give a Software
    Perscpective of the domain



    are u the one in iit mumbai
    i mean are u ashu agarwal…if yes u know me..right


    Not sure but want to ask, I heard through the grapevine that if you develop a billing solution using SIP, that there is a very expensive licensing issue. Is this true? Is it Dynamicsoft that takes these royalties? Is this why most billing companies still use RADIUS or h.323? What kind of future is there for SIP billing companies if this is the case?

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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