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Reply To: VoIP phones


Here is a good link for IP Phones,
as well as other potentially useful information.

I think that in addition to forums, a national or international website consortium should be created, dedicated to the R&D for VoIP devlopment.
It would act as both a huge reource center for VoIP, but unlike many today, woudl take it one step further, by providing info on all major players of VoIP and VoIP technology seperated by their types of products, from Softswitches, to IP-PBX’s, PCX’s, IP Phones, etc.

A consortium of perhaps 20 or more people could have writing access, to add to the website as new information is made available, and people would no longer have to comb the web for bits and pieces of lists and articles on VoIP.
Anyone interested in soemthig of this nature?!?

I myself am in the process of compiling a comprehensive database on VoIP vendors, and a site such as this would have made my life a lot easier it it existed… The site that is, not my life 😉