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VoIP phones

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    Hi everyone,

    I am interested in getting in some VoIP phones.
    Please, let me know if u know some vendors /besides Cisco, of course :-)/ that are offering those next-gen technology phones.

    Thanks in advance!


    Several. Depends on the protocol. Right now, business class IP phones get the more services from MGCP. There are several that are doing that.


    Thank you!
    I need some vendor names to check it out!


    We have an area of our Voice over IP Directory dedicated to vendors of IP Phones. There are not many companies listed, but we would always welcome further additions. The list can be found at:


    Hi Myord !!
    See the Avaya Inc. IP Telephone solution .. is very interest ..
    You can get more informations on ..


    Panasonic, Circa, Cisco, Polycom, 3Com, Nortel (coming), Lucky Goldstar (LG)to name a few.

    Dr.John Chung

    Dear Sir !

    I spent 2 years to find VoIP phone.
    Now I found 4 vendors as OEM business.

    I am going to buy 1 Millions IP-Phone as my OEM.

    Everybody can join my business.

    I can buy good products from any party or I can share my products with 3rd party together.

    My final target model is Mondex card pay IP phone.

    Please contact me ;
    FAX : 82-2-551-3505

    Thank you



    I can t e mail You.

    Please contact me

    Director of Real-Shin LTD
    Azat Sakanyan

    John Walter

    Hi Myord,

    there are some IP Phones (standard H.323 and SIP-based) from Siemens as well.



    I’m plan to setup voip gatewaye able to issue call card to support 10 call shop, what’s system/equipment & the cost?


    Here is a good link for IP Phones,
    as well as other potentially useful information.

    I think that in addition to forums, a national or international website consortium should be created, dedicated to the R&D for VoIP devlopment.
    It would act as both a huge reource center for VoIP, but unlike many today, woudl take it one step further, by providing info on all major players of VoIP and VoIP technology seperated by their types of products, from Softswitches, to IP-PBX’s, PCX’s, IP Phones, etc.

    A consortium of perhaps 20 or more people could have writing access, to add to the website as new information is made available, and people would no longer have to comb the web for bits and pieces of lists and articles on VoIP.
    Anyone interested in soemthig of this nature?!?

    I myself am in the process of compiling a comprehensive database on VoIP vendors, and a site such as this would have made my life a lot easier it it existed… The site that is, not my life 😉



    I like the idea, but also see some issues with that.

    Why start a new resource site. Is it possible to maybe connect this idea to any of the existing sites?

    This would take a huge amount of time and insight into the products on offer. Where would you get information? How to keep this up-to-date with the constant release of new software versions.

    The idea sounds interesting and I for one would be willing to help.


    Kang Zeng

    goto to see their iEnsemble! 8 Port VOIP standalone device, or Aloha! USB interface 1 port VOIP phone;

    They are using H.323 protocol, support Billing, PBX, Show-n-Tell, ClicknTalk, GateKeeper, Script etc.


    Last time i was on Condex i saw at list 25 vendors .

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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