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Rich Wall
  • Calculator that will take results from Erlang calculator and plug them into various CODECs (which result in different compression ratios) and calculate bandwidth consumption on VoIP network.
  • Calculator that will take results from Erlang and VoIP calculators and show economic savings of VoIP network compared to traditional TDM network.
  • Calculator that will compute total end-to-end delay based on CODEC used, backbone transport chosen, distance between POPs, and other variables.
  • White paper on QoS across a VoIP network (WFQ, WRED, RSVP, MPLS, and ATM CoS).
  • White paper contrasting MPLS over POS and MPLS over ATM for backbone QoS transport.
  • White paper on Network Management of a VoIP QoS network (active and passive agents, SNMP polling linked to auto LCR, SS7 over IP and LCR).