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Reply To: set up cost call center


The cost of purchasing a dialer is what I quoted. Web based dialers are ok, but not cost effective unless you only plan on having your call center for less than a year. Purchasing a dialer and having 15-20 seats I would suggest getting a PRI T1 which is 23 lines of voice. Also, with purchasing you aren’t dependent upon the internet. If your internet goes down when you own your dialer and are using a PRI T1 your dialer is still going. Also a lot of the hosted companies, if you are a smaller company like 4-30 agents, they will put you on a server with 3 or 4 other companies. If they happen to load corrupt data into the server, its the same server you are using and your server becomes corrupt. The cost for long distance service with a PRI T1 will cost you around $160-180 per month and around 1.1 cents per minute long distance billed in 6 second increments.