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Reply To: Call center in pakistan. some questions.


I need a both inbound and outbound center with ACD and IVR features. As i understand ACD and IVR are provided by the CRM software. Is that right?

dialling will be manual, while remote monitoring and call recording will also be required.

The information i have been able to collect now is that my brother will need a toll free no. which will receive calls. He will have a router there which will transfer calls via VoIP to the router here in pakistan and agents will attend the call. thats the hardware part. Is it correct?

Still no progress on software part. What is a hosted solution? and how can i use it with my hardware setup? do you know any companies which provide it at reasonalbe rates. Will remote monitoring be possible through it?

My brother currently has a physical PBX setup.

Will be very grateful for your help.