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Call center in pakistan. some questions.

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    This is Hamza from karachi, Pakistan. I have to setup a call center in karachi for my brother’s business in Texas,USA.

    I am on an information hunting campaign these days. I went to a call center solution provider ZRG to find that they will provide software solution @$5000 per seat. Thats tooooo much. In USA many virtual PBX solution providers are giving it very cheap.

    Does anyone know any solution provider in Pakistan who can do it at reasonable rates. Or is it possible to get the call center solution software from a US company and use it with our hardware here.

    I would be grateful if anyone can guide me to an economical solution.


    Arif Khan

    If you will go for solution provider you will end up having nothing in hand. right now very few companies are providing true services and these are very expensive so not feasible in many cases.
    Let me share with you basic idea on which i built up my cc on very less cost that was perceived. The key to sucess starts from first hiring in this regard. You have to find and hire a good network administrator of call center industry than discuss CC netwrok model with him and do purchasing than with the help of your brother get VOIP lines and your NA will cpnfigure them. CC is ready for operations, thats it… Pl remeber to get PSEB CC lisence. its just for 5000 rupees.

    there are many other things which i didn’t expalined e.g. you need DSL broadband connection from good provider, PABX, etc. but you will learn all this when you hire netwrok person.

    you can built up cc with 20 seats for 300,000 to 400,000 depending on the prices of equipment you select.

    Allah may bless all of us, Aamin.


    Thanks a lot for the info Aarif. I will look for a network administrator.

    Will there be a requirement of a CRM software at all? and if yes which one would you recommend that is also economical.



    Hello Hamza,
    Yes, you will be requiring a CRM with predictive dialer for smooth operations of your center.
    Rather than going in from US market, you can find out good solution providers in asia, infact you can get very good pricing in comparison to US or may be the local vendors you are talking about.
    You can get in touch with GIPL, they are offering the solution at a very competitive pricing and the solution is very flexible with world class features.

    Atten: Hamza

    Before you choose any technology it depends on the requirement of your client, in this case, your brother’s business

    1-So first of all, is your center inbound, outbound or blended?
    2-If its inbound, do you need features like IVR, ACD etc
    3-If its outbound, do you need features like predictive dialing or manual dialing etc
    4-Do you require remote monitoring facility or all the quality check will be done inhouse?
    5-Do you need recording facility as well?

    After answering all these questions your know what you want and then you can choose the suitable solution.

    You get an option of either hosted solution or server solution. A US based server solution is very expensive though and is used for inbound where the information of the customer is really confidential. Otherwise US based hosted solution might do for you.

    If you go for a local server solution or a hosted solution, make sure that you do a reference check before you use it in your own center. Some of the providers exploit the clients because of their unawareness to the market.

    I hope that helps!!

    If you need any further information feel free to drop a message here.


    I need a both inbound and outbound center with ACD and IVR features. As i understand ACD and IVR are provided by the CRM software. Is that right?

    dialling will be manual, while remote monitoring and call recording will also be required.

    The information i have been able to collect now is that my brother will need a toll free no. which will receive calls. He will have a router there which will transfer calls via VoIP to the router here in pakistan and agents will attend the call. thats the hardware part. Is it correct?

    Still no progress on software part. What is a hosted solution? and how can i use it with my hardware setup? do you know any companies which provide it at reasonalbe rates. Will remote monitoring be possible through it?

    My brother currently has a physical PBX setup.

    Will be very grateful for your help.




    similar to CMS though cant be sure how it works just read through it.

    google it


    Hi Hamza and Aarif I am looking any party who need call center in Pakistan can you help me i am new commer of telecom business. I read your conversation and drop a message for you i hope you will guide me.

    Tahir Almas

    Dear Hamza , the cheapest solution will be Asteisk based inbound / outbound call center
    through use call center software suite provided by astguiclient you will be able to run your buisness with all features that you required it is also mentionalable that this solution is already deployed about 30 countries all over the world.

    tahir almas
    ICT INNOVATIONS lahore pakistan.


    Hello Arif Khan .. i need to start my own Call Center …i got to know the ABC of it but not getting the proper meanings about Getting Campaigns & Business Leads .. where to find them ? where your call center is running ? is it khi ? if so , than may i have your contact for any assistance , if you not feel that bad … Thanks
    Zubair Akbar Moghal

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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