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Reply To: Call center in pakistan. some questions.

Atten: Hamza

Before you choose any technology it depends on the requirement of your client, in this case, your brother’s business

1-So first of all, is your center inbound, outbound or blended?
2-If its inbound, do you need features like IVR, ACD etc
3-If its outbound, do you need features like predictive dialing or manual dialing etc
4-Do you require remote monitoring facility or all the quality check will be done inhouse?
5-Do you need recording facility as well?

After answering all these questions your know what you want and then you can choose the suitable solution.

You get an option of either hosted solution or server solution. A US based server solution is very expensive though and is used for inbound where the information of the customer is really confidential. Otherwise US based hosted solution might do for you.

If you go for a local server solution or a hosted solution, make sure that you do a reference check before you use it in your own center. Some of the providers exploit the clients because of their unawareness to the market.

I hope that helps!!

If you need any further information feel free to drop a message here.