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Reply To: Call center in pakistan. some questions.

Arif Khan

If you will go for solution provider you will end up having nothing in hand. right now very few companies are providing true services and these are very expensive so not feasible in many cases.
Let me share with you basic idea on which i built up my cc on very less cost that was perceived. The key to sucess starts from first hiring in this regard. You have to find and hire a good network administrator of call center industry than discuss CC netwrok model with him and do purchasing than with the help of your brother get VOIP lines and your NA will cpnfigure them. CC is ready for operations, thats it… Pl remeber to get PSEB CC lisence. its just for 5000 rupees.

there are many other things which i didn’t expalined e.g. you need DSL broadband connection from good provider, PABX, etc. but you will learn all this when you hire netwrok person.

you can built up cc with 20 seats for 300,000 to 400,000 depending on the prices of equipment you select.

Allah may bless all of us, Aamin.