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Reply To: Opening Call Center in PI


1. predictive dialer is only used for outbound and it depend on the account that you have. some accounts require this and some don’t. also, it will depend on your quotas, names in the database and call targets. it is possible to use manual dialing although less calls will be made. be warry of using VOIP. there may be lag times and poor connection due to bandwidth capabilities.
2. and 3. you do this by marketing. we can discuss this further if you email me.
note: if you are interested in web campigns etc., you don’t really need a voice channel such as VOIP 4. there are people in the phils. who can provide accounts 5. since you are a 12 seater, you don’t need an operations manager. you can start with agents and a good TL/sup. In most call center set-ups, each TL/sup handles an ave of 15 people. email me if you want to discuss further.