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Reply To: Mother tongue influence


LOL! dat sounds funny indeed but hey yup ders alwayz a solution to each n every problem ,see MTI is not ur day to day DIRT which can be resolve using a pressure washer or a vaccum cleaner! Dayumm!
having MTI is natural for a PinD region guy /gal ,can say from
Punjab,haryana etc!
i guess these two states got enormous numbers of peeps having MTI!
so u cannot completely overcome MTI anyhow ,howeva u can minimize it upto 98% ! if u work hard on ur communication skills!
now what u need to do…as d person above…said…kids pronounce…Ye-merica instead of america LMAO! mr.rahman did u first introduced dem to d elementary stuff Grammer ,a few elementary words! make them read english newspaper ,watch english news if they can,betta make them watch english news cause its better learning or u can say copying da neutral indian accent :)! dont go for BBC n all! strictly no!
dont make them pronounce da first widout knowing da correct pronounciation of da word…introduce dem to the correct pronounciation . direct them to open their mouth cause we INDIANS dont know why…are so orthodox regarding opening the mouth ,as some fly gonna enter in it ! HAHA!
open the mouth not wide…at least…dat much ,u can easily roll over ur tounge inside it!
rolling of tounger is with the words….as vowels n consonents! see thers hell lot of area to work on but yep! u can do a big change…if u follow d steps!
and pronouncing correct words is not sufficient only ,u need to understand the meanings as well. make them read dictionaries and writing down the meanings of words u can provide them assignments!
let them feel the words,connected with the thing ,visualise wat u are saying! and ull feel the change for sure! 😉
god bless u!
gud luck!