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Mother tongue influence

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    Saif Rahman

    Hi there. i am working with the slum dwellers in Hyderabad and I train underpriveledged youth on call centre skills.
    These kids are very smart but one area where we struggle a lot is the influence of Mother Tongue.
    They end up saying YE MERICA instead of America.
    please suggest ways to reduce this.
    Also suggest me ways to reduce the rate of speech as few of them speak very fast.

    Rachna Singh

    you are doing a good job.i am a v&A trainer with a leading international call center in delhi.

    there cannot be a specific way of dealing with the problem,i would have shown them the jaw movement with the placement of tongue in the mouth while producing the vowel sound AA ,with them placing their hand on their jaw.

    Show them the difference with YE and AA ,with the placement of tongue and jaw.

    give them words that start with A in their mother tongue ,so that they can identify the sound easily.

    Needs a lot of practice,but they will learn.
    Thats what my experience says.


    hi i have this problem with my speach such that, when i speak the letter “s” is very prominent there is a lot of sss sss ssss that goes on in the background – because of this i have a problem at the call center – they say that the sss – irritate the customer on the other end of the phone – how do i rectify this problem.


    Any body please help me know how to get rid of mother tongue influence(MTI).

    Kiron Satyamurthy

    Hi Saif,
    Nice to know that you are trying to help the youth – that too the underprivileged!
    Please note that “the quality of output is decided by the quality of input.” Jaisa sunte waisa bath karthe. So try using good audio tapes for makig your students get high quality English in terms of ‘sound’. Kiron


    hi .. i speak so so good english . but i’m continously egtting rejected in all international call centre sumtime becus of MTI or fluency or ..of grammer ?
    i dn’t knw if i hve MTI or not ?
    i pronounce most of the words properly ..i dnt speak like northindian or south indian englsh.
    how to make my english fluent?


    acording to me i have seen agents talking the wrong english and nota ble to comprehend the customer and the us customers as it is are so frustrated that their jobs are being taken away by indians if they hear agent talking the english in such a way that cust gets irritated. i find that most of the agents are not concentrating on the grammer part and the agents are mostly thinking to transiliterate from hindi sentence construction.i do not really know if they do it intentionally or unintentionally
    language is the key for good communicational skills. which i
    hardly find the quality of language if going down. this is really pathetic.

    Srinivas Parshy

    Hi Saif,
    I have reading your message, first of good job.
    Tell them instead of YE, it should be A, if u know telugu then u can give the example of the first telugu alphabet letter A, then Merica


    though the agents are trained in terms of jaw moments and lip moments i should say the the language i have seen while writing during the reply for the mail i have sent or established in was really pathetic however lets talk more of global language and the selection of words
    that he or she uses
    the dialects which is really hinderence to the language barrier and getting back to the training being provided why not callcentres provide a quality training starting from scratch
    1)using a good language
    2)selection of verbiage
    3)right word to be used at the right time
    4)and body language
    5)concept of sylabification
    which i hardly find in the callcentre industry though they are trained some of the
    porcesses does not really require this could help he or she who goes at higher level
    its not only wearing a fashionable dresses and good shirts and ties but its also giving the right respect to the
    language u speak
    to my understanding
    if one could understand the issue of mother tounge influence is ressolved
    however india is in so sad state that
    nobody really understand this rather they run for hypocracy of life
    and they feel they are always correct be in any industry
    i am really sorry to say this
    this is what my 6 years of widespread experience in all the different industries i have expreienced


    plz help me ,iwnt a job in leading international call centre but whenever i face any interview ,i fail to crack the interview due to my mother tongue influence in my speech though i have good fluency in english.kindly provide some useful tips to get rid out of this problem.
    thanking you .

    Mange Ram

    That is right how we listen as we Speak so for removing MTI should listen good audio tape or stay in touch with good speakar.
    In addition too You can take help of any good callcenter training Institutes.


    I am having MTI problem.I want remove that what should i have to do for that??????


    LOL! dat sounds funny indeed but hey yup ders alwayz a solution to each n every problem ,see MTI is not ur day to day DIRT which can be resolve using a pressure washer or a vaccum cleaner! Dayumm!
    having MTI is natural for a PinD region guy /gal ,can say from
    Punjab,haryana etc!
    i guess these two states got enormous numbers of peeps having MTI!
    so u cannot completely overcome MTI anyhow ,howeva u can minimize it upto 98% ! if u work hard on ur communication skills!
    now what u need to do…as d person above…said…kids pronounce…Ye-merica instead of america LMAO! mr.rahman did u first introduced dem to d elementary stuff Grammer ,a few elementary words! make them read english newspaper ,watch english news if they can,betta make them watch english news cause its better learning or u can say copying da neutral indian accent :)! dont go for BBC n all! strictly no!
    dont make them pronounce da first widout knowing da correct pronounciation of da word…introduce dem to the correct pronounciation . direct them to open their mouth cause we INDIANS dont know why…are so orthodox regarding opening the mouth ,as some fly gonna enter in it ! HAHA!
    open the mouth not wide…at least…dat much ,u can easily roll over ur tounge inside it!
    rolling of tounger is with the words….as vowels n consonents! see thers hell lot of area to work on but yep! u can do a big change…if u follow d steps!
    and pronouncing correct words is not sufficient only ,u need to understand the meanings as well. make them read dictionaries and writing down the meanings of words u can provide them assignments!
    let them feel the words,connected with the thing ,visualise wat u are saying! and ull feel the change for sure! 😉
    god bless u!
    gud luck!


    Hi All,

    While browsing through this page I found many of you are worried about the MTI.
    I am into the BPO industry since 2006. MTI problem is a natural problem, and it is caused due to the inability to place our tongue at the right place for consonant sound.
    The basic difference between an Indian speaking English and Americans and Brit’s is the fact that the later drops their lower jaws while they speak, they opens up their mouth more and therefore the sound is more crispy and clear. Indian tendency of not opening the mouth hampers the correct mouth formation neccesary for the sounds. The basic sounds one has to work on is ‘T’, ‘P’, ‘K’, ‘S’, ‘Sh’, ‘Z’, ‘Zh’. One can surmount the barrier of MTI only when he or she practices reading English loudly in front of a mirror. Once you see your own mouth formation, it will help you a lot in mouth formation. Also there is Cecily Berry Exercise, one can search for the same in the internet, it helps in jaw relaxation. Another important aspect is voice modulation and intonation. That is the speech must not be flat at all. It should be rythmic. One must understand where the stress must be added in a sentence. It adds resonance to the tone, that carries emotions and expressions. Try to say : Hang him not kill him.
    Also try to use Daniel Jones dictionary “Neutral English” it costs around Rs. 600. You will find the syllables of each word there.
    One Indian cannot acquire American accent in a 2 weeks or 2 months training, just as an American cannot speak English without MTI after a same duration training. What we actually do is reduce the MTI from the English pronounciation and make the tone rythmic and crispy. Neutral English is nothing, but a global standard of English specially developed for Non English speaking population, so that they can express their sentiments and emotions in English clearly to their English speaking counterparts. The most important thing is understanding what an American or Brit is saying over the phone.


    In the early message there is an error, I wanted to say an American or British cannot speak Hindi without MTI after a 2 or 3 months V& A Training.
    Thanks and regards

    Tanmoy Kumar Mukherjee

    British Airways Baggage (North America)

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