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Reply To: Mother tongue influence


though the agents are trained in terms of jaw moments and lip moments i should say the the language i have seen while writing during the reply for the mail i have sent or established in was really pathetic however lets talk more of global language and the selection of words
that he or she uses
the dialects which is really hinderence to the language barrier and getting back to the training being provided why not callcentres provide a quality training starting from scratch
1)using a good language
2)selection of verbiage
3)right word to be used at the right time
4)and body language
5)concept of sylabification
which i hardly find in the callcentre industry though they are trained some of the
porcesses does not really require this could help he or she who goes at higher level
its not only wearing a fashionable dresses and good shirts and ties but its also giving the right respect to the
language u speak
to my understanding
if one could understand the issue of mother tounge influence is ressolved
however india is in so sad state that
nobody really understand this rather they run for hypocracy of life
and they feel they are always correct be in any industry
i am really sorry to say this
this is what my 6 years of widespread experience in all the different industries i have expreienced