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Reply To: CSR’S Trainers needed in Pakistan


What was your name by the way? Mine is Sitwat? Is your name Sitwat as well!!!
I was surprised to see my name posted twice, as I had not picked up the phone to book a ticket thru Delta recently. I was busy flying Cathay Pacific to and from Bangkok to Karachi. Anyways let’s get to the point!
It’s good to know that People here meaning KHI, LHR and in ISL are working on it! And why shouldn’t they? I mean CC Industry is a money making business; generating revenue not only for the CC Owners/Pioneers but also for the general masses. It’s great for our Nation as well.
You said and I quote “I suggest strongly you apply your suggestions to India first before worrying about Pakistan.” Why should I target Indians when I am myself a Pakistani? My intentions were pure they were not written with malicious intentions or for the purpose of offending anyone. I want to see the Pakistani Call Centre Industry to flourish and trive and emerge as one of the best in the world. Long Shot! But why not Dream BIG!
If I did offend your sensibilities pls accept my sincere apologies. I just said that we needed good or even better trainers/call centre trainers. It was a mere suggestion. I know that our accents r better than Indians. Why should we even want to compete with them? There is no comparison, as they have been dominating the CC Industry way before we took our first baby steps.
It was a mere suggestion, my humble opinion that we needed trainers.
The People with good accent and great English Literacy skills r like a needle in the haystack. The 2% give or take a few more do not want to be call centre agents as they probably get more “Pocket Money” and a new “Honda city” from their DAD! The masses in Pakistan do not have Basic English literacy skills and are sometimes even unaware of what even a call centre is! Thus my point is we need a few GREAT Call Centre Trainers, and a few more Call centre Training Institutes.
Thanks for replying to an opinion of a lay person who hasn’t taken the plunge in Pakistan’s Call Centre Training YET!