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Reply To: CSR’S Trainers needed in Pakistan


Just a few days back I was in the States, and picked up the phone to reserve a ticket on Delta Air. My call was attended by someone who had a very strong Asian accent and EXTREMELY poor grammar. I being from Asia myself asked where are you? And the guy replied “America”. I said don’t give me this rubbish, just tell me honestly are you in India? And he was like ummm, no, ummm.. And I asked, where in India. Delhi? And he replied, nahin Hyderabad.

Sitwat, my point being Indians do not speak better english than Pakistanis. Infact if we compare the call center Industry, since it is new in Pakistan, there are better, more educated people in Pakistan who are CSRs as compared to India, where the quality is extremely poor. I suggest strongly you apply your suggestions to India first before worrying about Pakistan. Trust me, people here know the problems and are working on them.

Thank you for your suggestions though.