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BPO Centre BD Manager Dubai


About 3,000 AED to 3,500 per month (and that is a very good salary for a Dubai agent).
I do not think it is a good idea to come to Dubai at all, though.
Acommodation rent is often more expensive than Europe, and certainly more expensive than Singapore.
You will battle to survive. Dubai is saturated, and there are so many people here that are willing to work for slave wages. Think twice about it. Your rent alone: nothing under Dhs 3,750 (US dollars 1000 approx.) for a 1 bedroom apartment. Also remember that Dubai has so many Filipino’s, that you are likely to battle to find a job.

My call centre is recruiting now, and there are so many desparate applicants, that I cannot believe it.

The other thing is that there are not many outsourced call centres in the UAE.
One has recently been sold off after being bankrupted. Another is a government centre, that employs mostly UAE Nationals, and then there are a few “garage operations” that do not pay anything near liveable wages.

If you come to Dubai, you are going to struggle like hell, and not find a job. If you do, you will hardly survive. Save yourself the misery.

You are better off staying where you are, friend.