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    HI! I am working as a call center agent here in the philippine and I am planning to go to Dubai to find a good job. I was just wondering if anyone could give me a ballpark figure how much a call center aget earns in a month in DUbai

    BPO Centre BD Manager Dubai


    About 3,000 AED to 3,500 per month (and that is a very good salary for a Dubai agent).
    I do not think it is a good idea to come to Dubai at all, though.
    Acommodation rent is often more expensive than Europe, and certainly more expensive than Singapore.
    You will battle to survive. Dubai is saturated, and there are so many people here that are willing to work for slave wages. Think twice about it. Your rent alone: nothing under Dhs 3,750 (US dollars 1000 approx.) for a 1 bedroom apartment. Also remember that Dubai has so many Filipino’s, that you are likely to battle to find a job.

    My call centre is recruiting now, and there are so many desparate applicants, that I cannot believe it.

    The other thing is that there are not many outsourced call centres in the UAE.
    One has recently been sold off after being bankrupted. Another is a government centre, that employs mostly UAE Nationals, and then there are a few “garage operations” that do not pay anything near liveable wages.

    If you come to Dubai, you are going to struggle like hell, and not find a job. If you do, you will hardly survive. Save yourself the misery.

    You are better off staying where you are, friend.



    By the way can any one give me idea what is the salary being offered to a CCE in Philipines .
    Also how many BPO firms are operating there which has got brand name ??

    And also what is the procedure of an Indian national to work there . Is it really worth ??



    I would like to know abt the call centres in duabi. How is the life in dubai for an indian. Is it worth coming there for a job. As i heard that the accomodation is very expensive out there. But if the company is providing the accomodation then i dont mind coming there.


    what about salaries at supervisor level? For example an Arab ex-pat what sort of salary level would be expected?


    i heard that an ordinary call center agent in dubai would really earn 75,000 monthly. that is in philippine currency. i am working as a call center agent in the philippines and one of my trainors before was ex-dubai. and she’s the one who told me about it.

    and im planning to go there too.

    Joseph Ian Macalino

    I was doing call center job in the philippines, when an inhouse offshore call center in dubai recruited me for an outbound work. the pay was so little, quite the same as what i was getting there in the philippines, but i thought that there will be a lot more other opportunities available. Too late to find out, there’s not much as i have expected, not worth to be away from your family.

    unlike in the philippines, where a call center will surely give you the best offer letter, here in dubai, your call center post will give you the same offer letter as a data encoder. And,your pay is worth nothing considering the cost of rent, transpo, and communications.

    For all those on the call center field in the philippines, think 10x before going to dubai. You might end up wasting your time for nothing in dubai.

    Kail James Junior

    Well you will struggle initially here in Dubai, but things will only get better. I have lived in Dubai for 2 years and feel there is no better place than here.
    Well initially I was sent here by Jobs In Dubai, thats the name of the employment agency. They are really good and get you fast placements.

    Well thats only my experience with them, I am not sure how soon you can get a job, its all about luck i guess.

    Oh yes and about the call centre agents, they make any where from 3500 to 5000 AED depending on the company and up.

    Thank you
    and best of luck.


    HEY i GUyZ I’m plannin to go to dubai
    i have been hired by a firm
    dey are gonna pay me
    2000 dirhams
    with medical,food,housing and transportation

    so i need every1’s humble advice
    is it a gud opputurnity or i’m gonna struggle??
    can i survive with NET 2000 dirhams??

    and also sum1 managed dat dey wud get 3000 to 3500
    so is dat includin food and everything ??

    please do help me to make my decision !!!
    thx regards!!


    Hi Devon,
    You have got a good offer. I’d suggest you take it, provided you have done your homework on the company you are joining.


    I’m also planning to go there in Dubai because my wife is working there. I am also a call center agent here in the Philippines. I’m also interested in applying for a call center job there. I guess its all about taking a risk because I think with the experience I have I can withstand the pressures there. Heads up to all!!!

    Joseph Ian Macalino

    if you are really targeting a call center job here in dubai, better wait for the Dubai Outsource Zone to open, because without that, not a chance. I have gone here to dubai thinking the call center business is on a nice stage just like in the Philippines and India, but to my surprise, it barely is starting. Most of my colleagues here in fact are already thinking about going home instead, or to singapore, but I just told them it might be worth it to wait till roughly feb of this year for Outsource Zone to open before we finally decide on going home to the Philippines.


    What’s this Dubai Outsource Zone? How can we benefit from it if we’re looking for a job (specifically, a call center job) in Dubai?

    I live in the Philippines but have been hoping to work there. So please, I need a good advice..


    Hi, i have been appointed as an assistant supervisor in rivoli groups in dubai and i want advice if 3500dhs is a good salary in dubai.

    waiting for your reply and advice…
    Treat this as urgent

    Joseph Ian Macalino

    3500? is that inclusive of everything? is there any accomodation, transportation, food provided? also, check your working hours. be mindful of the contract, especially, things about visa, ban, non compete clause, and if they require a reimbursement if you resign within a specified period. 3500 is good in dubai, although there will be some companies who will offer more, especially for that position.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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