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Reply To: CC


Hi Haseeb,
Hiring of Slandered workforce depend upon the operation or Project and the target market or customers
These all aspect combines then make a Perfect CSR.
1-good English communicator
2-proper knowledge of product, service or domain
3-geographical moral principles (where he/she want to go sale or give technical support/service
4-Call Handling and management qualities
5-Perfect time placing
6-manage in difficult circumstances (if any customer ruthless handle intelligently)
7-knows physiological weakness of the particular market.

A One good object you can follow at the time of hiring.
Live call session, in this session CSR have to make 3 live calls
1-Any international customer support center
2-Flight inquiry
3-In-house customer call (you can do from 2nd room and ask multiple questions on the phone.

After putting this session you can get 95% perfect result in workforce.