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    ahmad haseeb

    Hi all,
    Let me introduce myself, i am a UK based Entrepreneur. having various interests including textiles manufacturing and IT , I am looking for a small medium sized call centre with whom i can work with. My aim is to introduce a video/visual based customer service solution to my clients and associate companies. i am not not looking for a call centre per say but a helpdesk/customer service solution.
    I believe a good call centre structure could be rigged to perform these tasks. Anyone with information/advice feel free to cntact me.
    P.S I would like to prefferably set up in lahore


    Hi Haseeb,
    how much seat support center you are looking to start.are u looking for your own setup and it can be done on any other Call center.if you feel feasible in Karachi then I Can forward you very reliable,decent,Cost effective and ready to start setup in Karachi.


    Muddassir Amin

    AoA !
    I want to establish a call center 16-20 seats setup in Lahore .
    plz help me


    Dear Altaf, Nice to hear from you, i was acually looking at around 5 seats to start with and then move onto ten by end of month 1 (or by the time we have got our processes and training completed) and then keep increasing incrementally to around 50. I would like to hear from you inregards to this. Please also let me know about the standards of the workforce and so forth, as quality is more important than cost. Hope to hear from you soon


    Hi Haseeb,
    Hiring of Slandered workforce depend upon the operation or Project and the target market or customers
    These all aspect combines then make a Perfect CSR.
    1-good English communicator
    2-proper knowledge of product, service or domain
    3-geographical moral principles (where he/she want to go sale or give technical support/service
    4-Call Handling and management qualities
    5-Perfect time placing
    6-manage in difficult circumstances (if any customer ruthless handle intelligently)
    7-knows physiological weakness of the particular market.

    A One good object you can follow at the time of hiring.
    Live call session, in this session CSR have to make 3 live calls
    1-Any international customer support center
    2-Flight inquiry
    3-In-house customer call (you can do from 2nd room and ask multiple questions on the phone.

    After putting this session you can get 95% perfect result in workforce.



    Dear Altaf, You have not mentioned your area of expertise in the CC business and did not mention any costs and so forth in your last post. It would be great if you could let me know about these
    Look forward to a quick reply


    Hi Hasseb,
    I am a professional Call Center Consultant; especially consult those who desire to come in call center industry.
    Center of attention area is not one part of Call center, complete in and out of the call center process , I clear the views of the people who sense Call center is the charming mania except how it will be attractive for you, how you be able to get the best possible amount produced from this professional industry.
    We provide the actual picture of the call center, through feasibilities, professional practical approach and knowledge in the light of our geological circumstances.
    5 seats UK/USA base call center single time cost total expenditure near about half million rupees. In increment of seats cost will gradually reduce as size.

    “Victory is not won in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later win a little more.”

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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