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Reply To: Setting up a call center

Sultan Faiz Chaudhri

Hi Altaf,
Please remember that this forum is useful to the prospective investors wishing to start call centers of their own. Our purpose should be to highlight our experience and spread the little knowledge we have in this field. I worked in a 20 seat call center having 2200 Sq Ft of covered area. Believe me Altaf! it was very congested. I will try to describe the facility as drawing a sketch is not possible.
Reception area was 190 Sq Ft, Operational Floor was 1,000 Sq Ft, Operations Manager, IT Room, HR/Accounts/Kitchen/Wash Rooms covered 660 Sq Ft, Training Class was 250 Sq Ft and the stairs took 100 Sq Ft. Overall a 20 seat call center in 2200 Sq Ft seemed very congested. I think when you increase the number of seats to double the area will not be doubled as only the operational floor area will increase and the remaining facilities will remain almost the same.