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Setting up a call center

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    I want to settup a call center for 15-20 peoples in Islamabad.
    What are the requirements for this, the expected cose and any refrences for it.
    What is the feasibility for it?

    Sultan Faiz chaudhri

    The information held in the hearts and minds of concerned high ups of the so called Call Center Industry of pakistan is difficult to get. Suzzane Lombard and another American lady conducted a beautiful seminar in Karachi Pakistan. Please visit and see an excellent and very informative article “How to set up and successfully operate a Call Center in Pakistan”. I am sure that by going to different sites mentioned in this article you will be able to get replies to all your questions as well as a basic knowledge of call centers.


    choudhry sahib,
    Are u Working for Super Peoples coz in ur each and every discussion you must mention above website.we have very bad experience with super people.Not commited,no support,miss managed and unprofessionl company.



    I want to setup a call center for 16-24 peoples in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    What will the requirments and how much will be the revenue

    Thank you

    Sultan Faiz Chaudhri

    Hi Wali!!! I do not work for Super people but the article “How to set up and successfully operate a call center in Pakistan” does provide vital information to people like me who wish to start call center business. My object is to draw attention of such people to this readily available material. I request you also to please go through this article as a matter of common interest. I am sure you will like the content. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings by referring to this article. Hey man!! cheer up, I never mentioned about Super people even a single time in so many postings I made in this respected forum.


    Hi Mubashir,

    First we start from basic then regulatory issues.
    1-Register a Company
    2- Membership of PSEB
    3-Call Center License

    Now we go to the Practical approach.
    Basic requirements is
    1-Calls Solution
    2-Internet Connectivity
    3-Human Resource
    4- 1000 sq/feet space

    One time Cost of 15-20 seats is Rupees 1.5 to 1.8 million.

    Sultan Faiz Chaudhri

    Mr. Altaf has been very kind to give some very concrete steps necessary for any body wishing to establish call center in Pakistan. My comments on the figures given by Altaf are as under:

    1) 1000 Sq Ft for 15 to 20 seats is on the lesser side. An ideal space for 15 to 20 seats should be not less than 2500 Sq Ft.
    2) Cost of Rs. 1.5 to Rs. 1.8 million for a 15 to 20 seat is also on the lesser side. Keep in mind that it will cost you at least Rs. 0.1 million per seat for a very modest set up. A state of the art set up should cost much more.


    Hi Mr.Chaudhri,
    Might be you are right but according to your statistics of space.
    50 seat Call Center=6250 Sq/Feet’s
    100 seats Call Center=12500 sq/Feet’s.
    Current cost is 40 rupees/sq/feet then 50 node they have to pay 100 thousand Rupees and 100 seats Rupees 500 thousand.
    On your 2nd point you are absolutely accurate, financial side simple law when you raise the quantity 2nd end cost will automatically trim down that’s why I have state the above numbers.
    Why Call centers will open in that region coz of cost deduction, spacing is only one phase of Call center, there are numerous other run time cost part(Call Cost, internet connectivity, Human resource) engage in standard Call center.
    If we judge the entire factor in quality, quantity and cost effectiveness then we can produce the best possible profit from Call center industry.


    I am looking to set up a call centre in the UK.
    I have no clue as how to go about it. i.e. monitoring staff, set up managing. If there is any information that can be provided, it would be much appreciated.

    Sultan Faiz Chaudhri

    Hi Altaf,
    Please remember that this forum is useful to the prospective investors wishing to start call centers of their own. Our purpose should be to highlight our experience and spread the little knowledge we have in this field. I worked in a 20 seat call center having 2200 Sq Ft of covered area. Believe me Altaf! it was very congested. I will try to describe the facility as drawing a sketch is not possible.
    Reception area was 190 Sq Ft, Operational Floor was 1,000 Sq Ft, Operations Manager, IT Room, HR/Accounts/Kitchen/Wash Rooms covered 660 Sq Ft, Training Class was 250 Sq Ft and the stairs took 100 Sq Ft. Overall a 20 seat call center in 2200 Sq Ft seemed very congested. I think when you increase the number of seats to double the area will not be doubled as only the operational floor area will increase and the remaining facilities will remain almost the same.


    Let me give you an idea about the whole thing. Establishing call centers of seats less than 24 is not an economically feasible preposition. But there are people who started with 6 seats off course with out much success because no large or medium sized company likes to outsource their work to small call centers. For you a 6 seater might be okay as you are planning to conduct marketing of your own product or services. But you must always keep in mind that a 24 seat unit is the smallest economically viable set up capable of surviving for some time. Even a 24 seater would die its own death in a year or so under its financial weight, if not extended to 48, 72 or 96 seats.
    Coming to the set up, you need a proper place where the equipment will be housed. 1 small room for IT equipment, 1 large room for the work stations and 1 room for the administrative set up. A bath room and a kitchen are also required. 3 phase electric connection, at least 2 very dependable telephone lines from a good digital exchange. This entire set up should preferably be in close vicinity (within 1 kilometer radius) of the telephone exchange.
    You need 7 good computers at least with 755 MHz, 256 K RAM. You will require 1 Voice Gateway Server (from any good company like Cisco or Linux), 1 switch with 8 ports to establish LAN, 7 Head phone sets, 1-800 USA number and good soft ware to control this call center from any IT solution company. Hooking up this equipment will require some cabling and ducting. Building should be air-conditioned.
    Next comes the staffing. You will need a good IT person to run the equipment and a team of call center representatives to make the live calls. You will be required to train this team of CSR’s to serve your own purpose.

    J Lang

    I am planning to set up a call center in Central Africa startup in Cameroon. Is it feasible and any guidelines or ideas? Thank you


    thanks for the information that is very heplful..


    I want to setup a call center for 6-16 seats in India. What are the requirements and how much will be the starting investment aprx. Can anyone share ur ideas plz…


    I’m interested on starting a call center in Pakistan if any body any experince or would like to give an advice about equipments what do i need and where i can buy them at reasonable cost greatly appreciated.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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