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Reply To: Setting up a call center


Hi Mr.Chaudhri,
Might be you are right but according to your statistics of space.
50 seat Call Center=6250 Sq/Feet’s
100 seats Call Center=12500 sq/Feet’s.
Current cost is 40 rupees/sq/feet then 50 node they have to pay 100 thousand Rupees and 100 seats Rupees 500 thousand.
On your 2nd point you are absolutely accurate, financial side simple law when you raise the quantity 2nd end cost will automatically trim down that’s why I have state the above numbers.
Why Call centers will open in that region coz of cost deduction, spacing is only one phase of Call center, there are numerous other run time cost part(Call Cost, internet connectivity, Human resource) engage in standard Call center.
If we judge the entire factor in quality, quantity and cost effectiveness then we can produce the best possible profit from Call center industry.