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Reply To: abusive indians

Adil Javed

westerns myass and everyone else. Guys you know what, I think this aint taking us anywhere. wMass, you dont need to apologise man, afterall we are all freinds, atleast as humen.

I think the punchline of the topic would be that there are every kind of people in every nation and you cannot judge a nations overall qualities by analysing a few individuals of that nation,

Again, no offence to anyone and apologies for anything I said that hurt anyones feelings.

You know my all time favourite musician Yanni, once said a few words in one of his concerts that I would like to qoute here

“”It would make the world a better place to live if we, as nations and as individuals could focus more on our similarities rather than our differences””

So I guess thats a perfect punchline. Lets focus on our similarities, we are all men and women of honour, working hard towards whatever purpose and yes we do have complains, but you know what…. at the end of the day, its all a part of the package that is called life.

I wish all of you guys all the best in life and business both.