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abusive indians

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    Having worked in the charitable call centre industry in Australia. May i say the Pakistani and India call centres have been nothing but a blight on the industry. Rude, intimidating and offensive, you have destroyed the customer base of many australian charities and we aussie workers are offended by your disrespectful behaviour. Get a life, show some respect, if you don’t the australian public will retaliate.

    Mr Justice

    Hey Justice monger ,

    please tell yuor people not ot be racist then . htis would make a lot of difference . instead of complaining it is always better to ‘oil your own machine’ .

    Please make sure this is read & carefully so the difference stays wiht a beautiful connotation of equality .


    Absolute nonsense Mr. Justice. Pointing out differences in the performances of different countries’ call centres is not racism. It is fact based upon observation.

    Personally, I disagree with Page on the courtesy extended by South Asian call centres. I have always found their staff to be very polite – BUT COMPLETELY USELESS.

    Many of these call centres do a very bad dis-service to their Western corporate customers. Natwest Bank in the UK even run a television advertising campaign enouraging potential customers to open accounts with them because their telephone calls will not be answered in India.

    Personally, I have just closed my bank account with Citibank because I have had enough of dealing with polite but useless people.

    So, get that chip off your shoulder. Forget the racist accusations. The Western World is multi-cultural. We are quite comfortable living and working with all races. But, we do not suffer fools gladly and we do not appreciate having our time wasted.


    Indian techs are very disrectpectful…they are not really willing to help and would throw you off to different names instead of trying to solve your problem. They hang up on on the phone and are..Argh….I think American companies like microsoft and AOl cal invest more in the Philippines..they are better there

    Adil Javed

    well guys, heres a note. why dont you guys (complaining people) just contact the company who is providing you services as a result of which you have to talk to rude agents?

    I am in canada and we canadians are sending most of our outsourcing to India and Pakistan and we have been very happy and satisfied with the results and guess what??? Our customers appreciate it too because they get shorter response and waiting times.

    I think you guys have forgotten the fact that there are good and bad people in every nation and all of Pak and INdia agents are not the way you think they are. Obviously Microsoft, Citibank and other fortune 100s are not stupid to put their customers in touch with rude and useless people. they are much smarter than me, page, mr. justice, jed, cynic and others.

    If you look closely, Im sure you will find very rude agents in your own home countries too. Its just that every human being is a new and different story. You cannot take one person in a nation and call the whole nation useless and rude just based on that one person.

    Regards and God Bless

    Adil Javed
    Toronto – Canada


    We do complain. But, I’ll tell you exactly why the complaints do no good. Because these companies have customer service numbers, and those calls are answered in the same call centres that we’re complaining about. Often, it is simply not possible to avoid dealing with them.

    Of course, I am generalising. I am sure there are useful call centres in South Asia. But, it is a real problem. This is not about call centre professionals in the Western world complaining. This is a problem that has been noticed by consumers. So, you cannot just talk it away. It’s real.

    Westerners My ASS

    If westerners weren’t so pig headed and took their big head out of their own backsides they would see that the world is made up of many cultures and languages and not just the boring uncultured monotone english language. If don’t like speaking to us, we don’t like speaking to YOU. But business is business and Asians can provide a cheaper alternative so you western fat swines can get fatter.

    As they say in the west (USA) Put up or shut up and if you can’t do either then piss off!!!!


    You see, this is exactly the problem. Read down and understand what I am writing. It has nothing to do with language or accent or even culture. It has to do with the service that we (the consumers) receive from our suppliers (eg. banks) who outsource their customer facing roles to you (the call centres).

    It seems that workers in India and Pakistan are almost obesessed with perfecting a mid-Atlantic accent. Just read all the posts about accent training on this forum. If they concentrated more on providing good service, then there would be no reason for us (the consumers) to complain.

    The world is multi-cultural. In the west, we live quite happily side by side with members of races from around the world. Well, our accent may be “boring, uncultured and monotone”. Frankly that’s not the issue. Move away from thinking about accents and think about service for your customers and theirs.

    I do not understand your last statement “Put Up Or Shut Up”. This is an idiom that means “either improve a bad situation or stop complaining about it.”. The tragedy of this situation is that end consumers cannot change it. But, that does not mean we should not voice our opinions on it and it does not mean we should simply tolarate it.

    I say again: this problem is real, and recognised us such by consumers. Do something about it gentlemen, and we will happily have our telephone calls answered in India.

    One last note: I am a consumer. I have nothing to do with the call centre industry. Think about that.

    Westerners My ASS

    Listen Pal I am born bred Brit!!! I work for a UK Bases BPO organisation that has UK based call centers. BUT guess what they also outsource to India Pakistan, Why????? Cos we provide a better service at a lower cost!!!! I speak to Indian Call Centres all day long and quite enjoying talking to someone from where my ancestors came from!!! Therefore, you talk only for westeners like you not for the multi racial society that like receiving a service from their part of the world!!!! If the service the India Pakistan was so bad then why the hell would they use them!!!

    Finally I don’t ever see no westerner complaining about the level of service or accent when an Indian Pakistani Doctor/surgeon saves their or their loved one’s lifes!!!!

    Indo/Pak are a multi talanted people who can excel and every part of life the fact that we were oppressed by westerns who left us in a “Third World” state (another derogatory term used by the west to undermine our self esteem) and are now challenging the west by taking all the jobs that you people are too lazy or stuck up to do is your bloody problem!!!!!

    Abusive Indians my Ass, like I said take your head out your ass no one owes you shit. You’ll get treated like you treat people!!!!

    Westerners my ASS

    And another thing….if us (the call centers) are “obsessed” with perfecting a mid-atlantic accent then it’s because YOU (Westerners) are too bone idle lazy arrogant to learn any other language. Finally if you want us (the call centers) to provide a better service PAY FOR IT!!!!


    > Finally I don’t ever see no
    > westerner complaining about the
    > level of service or accent when an
    > Indian Pakistani Doctor/surgeon
    > saves their or their loved one’s > lifes!!!!

    True. But, we are not talking about health care. We are talking about telephone based customer service. And plenty of people in the UK ARE talking about it. It’s a hot topic. It is real. You need to listen instead of avoiding the issue.

    > And another thing….if us (the
    > call centers) are “obsessed” with
    > perfecting a mid-atlantic accent
    > then it’s because YOU (Westerners)
    > are too bone idle lazy arrogant to
    > learn any other language. Finally
    > if you want us (the call centers)> to provide a better service PAY
    > FOR IT!!!!

    Why should I be expected to learn a new language to talk to my bank, that has an office in the High Street of my town? Is that really what you are suggesting?

    And you’re missing the point. I do not care if the person I talk to has an accent. But, I want good service.

    As an example, if I phone Dell to order a computer, I want them to understand what a Switch card is. It is a British card that I like to pay for things with.

    You could, quite correctly, argue that it’s Dell’s fault for not setting up processes with the call centre properly so that their staff are trained to understand what a switch card is and handle payments with it.

    As a consumer, I do not care whose fault it is. But, I would rather pay a little more and buy a computer from PC World (a shop) than suffer that call centre.

    Again, this is a real issue. Regardless of whose fault it is, the problem exists and must be addressed.

    Westerners My ASS

    You’ve just answered your own question. If Dell don’t tell offshore call centers what service they want to provide their customers/consumers with then that is there fault so complain to them because it is they who outsourced in the first place. Instead of ringing (cos I know you going to say that the customer services line is also offshore) WRITE to the headoffice about your grevience!!!!

    BUT you won’t do that because as I said before too many Westerners are bloody lazy.

    As for the accent thing, you have just made my point again. It’s because you DON’T want to speak in another language that Asians have to perfect their Mid-Atlantic accents largely due to the fact that it’s a requirement from the Company that it doing the outsourcing!!!!!

    The problem is closer to home boy not abroad and stop expecting to breast fed just so your world can be hunky dory when you pick up the phone to speak to your bank which is probably owned by and offshore bank anyway.

    You started off by complaining about Indian Pakistani Call Center’s (Which has a lot to do with race because if the call center was in you mate PAGE’S country you’d be fine with the the shit service) and now you’re saying “you don’t care who’s fault it is, you just want good service as a consumer” To me, you just sound like a WINGER, who would complain about the service you received in the PC World by a sales assistant just for the sake of it!!!!!

    Finally, you say that the whole bad service by offshore call centers is a big thing in the UK. Bollocks the big thing in the UK is Telemarketing calls made via power dialling “nuisance calls” This again is something that needs to be dealt by YOU in YOUR country because it is YOUR companies that pay offshore call centers to sell THEIR products via Telemarketing. It is YOUR companies that produce power dialling equipment, and it is more than likely BT that sells the equipment to INDIA PAKISTAN and then sells a service to YOU the consumer to block those nuisance calls!!!!!!!

    Wake up smell the coffee it’s not all about you!!!!!!!!!!

    Westerners my ASS

    Out of all the points I made you could only come back on 2…..come on consumer boy, you sound like a nerd who sits on PC’s all day long looking for a chat forum to comlain about something or other on, so you must have more to say about how the world owes you something!!!!

    Adil Javed

    Jeez sorry to say but the kind of language “Westerners My ASS” used in his posts here makes me beleive a little bit more in Page and Cynic! After having taken the asians side in my previous post and trying to prove cynic and page wrong, westerners myass has left no choice for me to simply shutup! Jeez It makes me disappointed when people start being rude instead of professional to resolve something. It only makes things worse. So Mr. westerners myass, in light of the kind of username you have used and the kind of post that you made here, dont you think page and cynics statements carry some weight???

    I really think you are one of the agents that cynic and page are complaining about!



    Westerners My ASS

    Dear Mr Javed.

    Having been born and bred in the west (UK) for 27 years I would say that I am in a very good position to comment on the accusation made by Cynic & Page. Not only am I an IT professional but am also a “consumer” of such organisations that outsource their call center services to countries like Pakistan and India.

    I do admit I can get frustrated from time to time hence leading to the use of language that may be deemed inappropriate. However, in saying that, the language I have used you will find is what would be called “common” it is used by the majority of Brits in everyday chit chat.

    This also is not a professional forum in which one has to be concerned about terms and expressions used in putting ones point across. It is a forum that allows people to share and discuss call center related issues. Therefore, the focus should not be on the language used it should be on the points that I have made in return to those by my fellow Westeners.

    As for you comment about me being one of the agents that Cynic and Page are talking about. Well, firstly I speak TO offshore call centers not from them, secondly all I do all day long is sort out IT issues for internal/External clients therefore, cannot be classed as unhelpful or “Useless” as Cynic stated.

    If you think that my comments make Cynic’s and Page’s accusations true then clearly your claims to the defence of asian people is extremely hollow. All Cynic and Page have made is accusations without the backing of evidence made from frustrations about that lack of service being provided by their oraganisations. This in no way should reflect on the level of service being provided by offshore call centers to their contractors. Taking a pop at the Pakistanis and Indians does not solve anything, it does however, return comments such as in my previous post.

    Maybe reactions would have been different if a certain level of tact had been used initially by your new found friends, instead of allowing emotion to take control of their keyboards which enticed like reprecussions, culminating in “Westerners My ASS”. My Hositility is just untill proved otherwise.

    However, I am a man of integrity and would like to apologise for the use of “inappropriate” language and to Cynic and Page for any personal remarks that may have been made during impulses of anger brought on by their threats (made by page) and false portrayal of hardworking asians (made by Cynic).

    Kind Regards

    British Asian

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