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Reply To: abusive indians

Westerners My ASS

Dear Mr Javed.

Having been born and bred in the west (UK) for 27 years I would say that I am in a very good position to comment on the accusation made by Cynic & Page. Not only am I an IT professional but am also a “consumer” of such organisations that outsource their call center services to countries like Pakistan and India.

I do admit I can get frustrated from time to time hence leading to the use of language that may be deemed inappropriate. However, in saying that, the language I have used you will find is what would be called “common” it is used by the majority of Brits in everyday chit chat.

This also is not a professional forum in which one has to be concerned about terms and expressions used in putting ones point across. It is a forum that allows people to share and discuss call center related issues. Therefore, the focus should not be on the language used it should be on the points that I have made in return to those by my fellow Westeners.

As for you comment about me being one of the agents that Cynic and Page are talking about. Well, firstly I speak TO offshore call centers not from them, secondly all I do all day long is sort out IT issues for internal/External clients therefore, cannot be classed as unhelpful or “Useless” as Cynic stated.

If you think that my comments make Cynic’s and Page’s accusations true then clearly your claims to the defence of asian people is extremely hollow. All Cynic and Page have made is accusations without the backing of evidence made from frustrations about that lack of service being provided by their oraganisations. This in no way should reflect on the level of service being provided by offshore call centers to their contractors. Taking a pop at the Pakistanis and Indians does not solve anything, it does however, return comments such as in my previous post.

Maybe reactions would have been different if a certain level of tact had been used initially by your new found friends, instead of allowing emotion to take control of their keyboards which enticed like reprecussions, culminating in “Westerners My ASS”. My Hositility is just untill proved otherwise.

However, I am a man of integrity and would like to apologise for the use of “inappropriate” language and to Cynic and Page for any personal remarks that may have been made during impulses of anger brought on by their threats (made by page) and false portrayal of hardworking asians (made by Cynic).

Kind Regards

British Asian