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Reply To: abusive indians

Westerners My ASS

You’ve just answered your own question. If Dell don’t tell offshore call centers what service they want to provide their customers/consumers with then that is there fault so complain to them because it is they who outsourced in the first place. Instead of ringing (cos I know you going to say that the customer services line is also offshore) WRITE to the headoffice about your grevience!!!!

BUT you won’t do that because as I said before too many Westerners are bloody lazy.

As for the accent thing, you have just made my point again. It’s because you DON’T want to speak in another language that Asians have to perfect their Mid-Atlantic accents largely due to the fact that it’s a requirement from the Company that it doing the outsourcing!!!!!

The problem is closer to home boy not abroad and stop expecting to breast fed just so your world can be hunky dory when you pick up the phone to speak to your bank which is probably owned by and offshore bank anyway.

You started off by complaining about Indian Pakistani Call Center’s (Which has a lot to do with race because if the call center was in you mate PAGE’S country you’d be fine with the the shit service) and now you’re saying “you don’t care who’s fault it is, you just want good service as a consumer” To me, you just sound like a WINGER, who would complain about the service you received in the PC World by a sales assistant just for the sake of it!!!!!

Finally, you say that the whole bad service by offshore call centers is a big thing in the UK. Bollocks the big thing in the UK is Telemarketing calls made via power dialling “nuisance calls” This again is something that needs to be dealt by YOU in YOUR country because it is YOUR companies that pay offshore call centers to sell THEIR products via Telemarketing. It is YOUR companies that produce power dialling equipment, and it is more than likely BT that sells the equipment to INDIA PAKISTAN and then sells a service to YOU the consumer to block those nuisance calls!!!!!!!

Wake up smell the coffee it’s not all about you!!!!!!!!!!