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Reply To: abusive indians


> Finally I don’t ever see no
> westerner complaining about the
> level of service or accent when an
> Indian Pakistani Doctor/surgeon
> saves their or their loved one’s > lifes!!!!

True. But, we are not talking about health care. We are talking about telephone based customer service. And plenty of people in the UK ARE talking about it. It’s a hot topic. It is real. You need to listen instead of avoiding the issue.

> And another thing….if us (the
> call centers) are “obsessed” with
> perfecting a mid-atlantic accent
> then it’s because YOU (Westerners)
> are too bone idle lazy arrogant to
> learn any other language. Finally
> if you want us (the call centers)> to provide a better service PAY
> FOR IT!!!!

Why should I be expected to learn a new language to talk to my bank, that has an office in the High Street of my town? Is that really what you are suggesting?

And you’re missing the point. I do not care if the person I talk to has an accent. But, I want good service.

As an example, if I phone Dell to order a computer, I want them to understand what a Switch card is. It is a British card that I like to pay for things with.

You could, quite correctly, argue that it’s Dell’s fault for not setting up processes with the call centre properly so that their staff are trained to understand what a switch card is and handle payments with it.

As a consumer, I do not care whose fault it is. But, I would rather pay a little more and buy a computer from PC World (a shop) than suffer that call centre.

Again, this is a real issue. Regardless of whose fault it is, the problem exists and must be addressed.