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Reply To: abusive indians

Westerners My ASS

Listen Pal I am born bred Brit!!! I work for a UK Bases BPO organisation that has UK based call centers. BUT guess what they also outsource to India Pakistan, Why????? Cos we provide a better service at a lower cost!!!! I speak to Indian Call Centres all day long and quite enjoying talking to someone from where my ancestors came from!!! Therefore, you talk only for westeners like you not for the multi racial society that like receiving a service from their part of the world!!!! If the service the India Pakistan was so bad then why the hell would they use them!!!

Finally I don’t ever see no westerner complaining about the level of service or accent when an Indian Pakistani Doctor/surgeon saves their or their loved one’s lifes!!!!

Indo/Pak are a multi talanted people who can excel and every part of life the fact that we were oppressed by westerns who left us in a “Third World” state (another derogatory term used by the west to undermine our self esteem) and are now challenging the west by taking all the jobs that you people are too lazy or stuck up to do is your bloody problem!!!!!

Abusive Indians my Ass, like I said take your head out your ass no one owes you shit. You’ll get treated like you treat people!!!!