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Reply To: abusive indians


You see, this is exactly the problem. Read down and understand what I am writing. It has nothing to do with language or accent or even culture. It has to do with the service that we (the consumers) receive from our suppliers (eg. banks) who outsource their customer facing roles to you (the call centres).

It seems that workers in India and Pakistan are almost obesessed with perfecting a mid-Atlantic accent. Just read all the posts about accent training on this forum. If they concentrated more on providing good service, then there would be no reason for us (the consumers) to complain.

The world is multi-cultural. In the west, we live quite happily side by side with members of races from around the world. Well, our accent may be “boring, uncultured and monotone”. Frankly that’s not the issue. Move away from thinking about accents and think about service for your customers and theirs.

I do not understand your last statement “Put Up Or Shut Up”. This is an idiom that means “either improve a bad situation or stop complaining about it.”. The tragedy of this situation is that end consumers cannot change it. But, that does not mean we should not voice our opinions on it and it does not mean we should simply tolarate it.

I say again: this problem is real, and recognised us such by consumers. Do something about it gentlemen, and we will happily have our telephone calls answered in India.

One last note: I am a consumer. I have nothing to do with the call centre industry. Think about that.