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Reply To: abusive indians

Adil Javed

well guys, heres a note. why dont you guys (complaining people) just contact the company who is providing you services as a result of which you have to talk to rude agents?

I am in canada and we canadians are sending most of our outsourcing to India and Pakistan and we have been very happy and satisfied with the results and guess what??? Our customers appreciate it too because they get shorter response and waiting times.

I think you guys have forgotten the fact that there are good and bad people in every nation and all of Pak and INdia agents are not the way you think they are. Obviously Microsoft, Citibank and other fortune 100s are not stupid to put their customers in touch with rude and useless people. they are much smarter than me, page, mr. justice, jed, cynic and others.

If you look closely, Im sure you will find very rude agents in your own home countries too. Its just that every human being is a new and different story. You cannot take one person in a nation and call the whole nation useless and rude just based on that one person.

Regards and God Bless

Adil Javed
Toronto – Canada