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Reply To: abusive indians


Absolute nonsense Mr. Justice. Pointing out differences in the performances of different countries’ call centres is not racism. It is fact based upon observation.

Personally, I disagree with Page on the courtesy extended by South Asian call centres. I have always found their staff to be very polite – BUT COMPLETELY USELESS.

Many of these call centres do a very bad dis-service to their Western corporate customers. Natwest Bank in the UK even run a television advertising campaign enouraging potential customers to open accounts with them because their telephone calls will not be answered in India.

Personally, I have just closed my bank account with Citibank because I have had enough of dealing with polite but useless people.

So, get that chip off your shoulder. Forget the racist accusations. The Western World is multi-cultural. We are quite comfortable living and working with all races. But, we do not suffer fools gladly and we do not appreciate having our time wasted.