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Reply To: Before establishing centers in Pakistan


Further adding here that people who owns CC only think about quantity rather considering on the quality portion…..Campaigns are there, but do you got capable staff to handle such Clients, u cannot blame Pakistan on that its the people who runs the system here – who are more considerate on getting maximum ROI within days….and thats where things never work, proper policy implementation, procedures and documentation plays vital role in BPO Services when things are much organized. As most of the major call centers here are unaware on the impact and need of Processes like SIX Sigma and Kaizen into their tele-marketing system, plus incentives to CSR’s and Middle management for Employee retention, that’s where all CC unable to meet a 100% Employee-to-Employee relationship though they r catering external customers to build relationship…. getting hold of campaigns from CCI or individual brokers r bad idea to bank on a campaign which is not 100% secure….thus, cc in pakistan rely on such individuals/BPO Consultants who r just trying to act as middle man to earn some money….and Centers here rely on them…..May I ask the audience here that which organization/institution has capabilities to provide such trainings excluding CSR basic training….CatCos/Aptech or Berlitz – no 1 has advance courses for Floor Managers, Supervisors and TeamLeads….how can we guage quality when there’s no such thing available? bottom of the barrels will only work if we put some water in it, and let all the bottles get out from that barrel – as it’s been in the barrel since long time. Think over these issues..Guys??