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Before establishing centers in Pakistan

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    Assad Amin

    What types of businesses do Call Centres in Pakistan target in order to gain outsourcing contaracts more specifically what contracts would you want from UK ?

    (Question is mainly aimed at the Respected Mr A.K. however all answers are appreciated).

    Anwar Kazi


    Pakistan is getting bottom of the barrel (Indian rejected) hard sales campaigns from all over the globe. Hard sales campaigns are dime a dozen, call centers hardly get paid, cheating is quite rampant, etc etc

    All the right mixes of a disaster in waiting.

    I understand the fact that Inbound on a large scale is difficult due to environmental, HR and other issues but if outbound then at least Pakistan should get something like lead scrubbing, surveys, welcome calling, etc etc


    Assad Amin

    Thank you for your reply Mr Kazi,

    Second question I have is how do you go about approaching business’s to try and attract business from them i.e. what sales pitch do you use ?

    P.S. I think we need to talk again about some market research that can be done in the UK. Maybe we can help each other? Please email me at my hotmail address or let me know when I can ring you to discuss this issue if you are interested

    Anwar Kazi


    I have sent you a mail already on your official address since I cannot locate your hotmail one, lets talk monday





    hi wali,
    you have asked a wonderful dear if u ask about the carrer in call center in pakistan.its a huge fiels and there are more thn alot of orrortunities in i sincerely suggest you to go for it first of all you will learn alot than you will earn alot then any other field.


    sundas warsi

    Respected Participants…
    i m doing some sort of search work on call centres….
    so in this course i come a across with two or three questions for which i am unable to locate answer with a reliable source…
    there are so many call centres all over the world specially in india and india is also very strong in IT sector and perhaps it has won the race of Technology with Pakistan and they also have high level of communication skills in english as compared to us meanwhile all other apsects are nearly same…..
    then why somebody will like to do business with pakistan?remember pakistan is reling on a single communication network and it is not only competing with india but also with Russia,philippines….
    i want to know how much this industry is contributing to the Exports of the country?
    How much revenue it is generating?
    Somebody would like to answer me…
    Sundas Warsi
    M.A Jinnah University


    I want to start a call center. Can anyone let me know how much it costs to start from a very small level. What is the ROI rate. Is it feasable for young entrepreneurs to switch to this area.

    Saqib Dawood

    Mr. Kazi:

    It is indeed good to see you helping people in Call Center business. As I started my career in Call Center Business under your guidence and truly it is paying off.

    Secondly, as I read your comment on Call Center Business in Pakistan, I would like to add this that the enviornment is much better compared to what it was in the past, especially the downtime in technical aspect, there has been a significant improvement in this area.

    Waiting for your respone.

    Anwar Kazi


    Thanks buddy! And yes the ‘environment’ to do Call Center business has certainly improved and the goverment is also trying to some ‘extent’ to help. It could do much more, what we need is now support to face the new challenges coming around in the country like the ones listed in my first post in this thread.

    Thanks again



    hii all found this forum in a google search..and it has been really a british expat who is in pakistan at the moment and working on setting up a call centre here.Can anyone give me a rough estimate on how much it would cost to do so??? Thanks

    Anwar Kazi


    Please go to the PSEB website, they have a feasibility there for Call Center set up.

    Good luck


    Arif Ashfaq

    Everyone wants to open a call center in Pakistan, just about a decade plus late.. Let’s be honest, Pakistan is NOT considered a stable country to do business with, for obvious reasons. All the CSC’s owners I have spoken to are desperately looking for clients, clients and clients. I have been in this business for many years, and just because you are a British or a North American Pakistani, please do not be fooled that you can turn rich, or create a call center heaven in Pakistan overnight. There are still many underlying issues which need to be sorted out before we can climb out , as AK quotes “Bottom of the barrel”.


    Further adding here that people who owns CC only think about quantity rather considering on the quality portion…..Campaigns are there, but do you got capable staff to handle such Clients, u cannot blame Pakistan on that its the people who runs the system here – who are more considerate on getting maximum ROI within days….and thats where things never work, proper policy implementation, procedures and documentation plays vital role in BPO Services when things are much organized. As most of the major call centers here are unaware on the impact and need of Processes like SIX Sigma and Kaizen into their tele-marketing system, plus incentives to CSR’s and Middle management for Employee retention, that’s where all CC unable to meet a 100% Employee-to-Employee relationship though they r catering external customers to build relationship…. getting hold of campaigns from CCI or individual brokers r bad idea to bank on a campaign which is not 100% secure….thus, cc in pakistan rely on such individuals/BPO Consultants who r just trying to act as middle man to earn some money….and Centers here rely on them…..May I ask the audience here that which organization/institution has capabilities to provide such trainings excluding CSR basic training….CatCos/Aptech or Berlitz – no 1 has advance courses for Floor Managers, Supervisors and TeamLeads….how can we guage quality when there’s no such thing available? bottom of the barrels will only work if we put some water in it, and let all the bottles get out from that barrel – as it’s been in the barrel since long time. Think over these issues..Guys??

    Sultan Faiz Chaudhri

    Arif Ashfaq!!! well done for your untimely comments. Who told you Pakistan is not a stable country. You need to come and live in this beautiful country to find out wether it is a stable country or not. You got to come and meet the most hospitable and loving people of Pakistan who have never labeled any country as stable or otherwise. Yes every call center owner is looking for clients, clients, clients (as you have put it) but what is wrong with looking for a client. This does not mean that there are no clients with Pakistani call centers. They have clients and they are looking for better clients. Call center is a business and every one has the right to look for client. It is just like opening a shop and making efforts to attract customers and I think there is nothing wrong with looking for clients. Anwer Kazi is an old name in this industry. His views are always very balanced. He criticizes the call center industry of Pakistan with a positive approach and always suggests ways and means to make amends and improvements. Where are your suggestions? From your posting I get an impression that in your view all the call centers should close the shop and leave. No way.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 44 total)
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