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Reply To: Message for Call Center Managers

Harris Iqbal


Not knowing too much about you, and knowing the fact that FastTech is just starting up their operations, I don’t think what you have stated above is entirely correct. Being a Call Center Manager for the past 18 months, I have seen that one of the most effective ways to attain the best possible performance from your CSRs is via constant “valid” pressure. By pressure, I do not mean torture, I mean pressure in terms of performance. It should be complemented with effective, through and regular evaulations/feedback. This will help bring out the best in your CSRs.

Secondly, the best ways to improve english is by listening. There are various accent training CDs available that can be bought off the shelf.

But to be very realistic, what I have seen over the years, CSRs improve the most when they start pitching. Picthing really makes a difference, and you as a Manager will start noticing a difference in the performance of your CSRs almost immediately.

PS: Aamir, you text contains several grammatical mistakes.

– Harris