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Message for Call Center Managers

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    Aamir Malik

    Hi All,

    The developments of call center industry in Middle East have encouraging edge. Offshore call centers are doing well enough for multinational organizations through out the World.

    North American Companies such as IBM, Dell and many others Companies are providing their customer support through these offshore call centers. India, Pakistan, Philippines, UAE and Srilanka are the countries considered as a leading contact center industry. In Pakistan education is playing important role in this era once you get into call center industry it means you have to deal with the languages. English is a common language most people even their first language is not English they can communicate their messages by using English .Now the problem is accent.

    My approach about accent is whoever talk about accent it means he has some kind of complex in their heads cause a person is trying to convey a message in your own language plus talking about your benefits and you are not in a condition to buy anything you didn’t find a way to get rid of this call and you said you have Indian accent what does that mean.

    My question is can you speak a single word of my mother language answer is no. So it means we should appreciate them and try to find a simple way to avoid this call. I know the importance of language if you are speaking clear language plus in Consumers way he feels security and eventually you built some kind of confidence during the conversation which leads to an instant sale. But we shouldn’t forget the importance of our Telesales associates they are doing well enough and their Customer Service skills should be appreciated . My Message is for Call Center Managers please try to avoid these kinds of pressures on your CSR’s these can have worse effects on selling and telesales representative’s attitude. Now the solution is we should try to speak clear English or whatever language we are communicating. We can overcome our listening problems by watching documentaries and movies we can improve our spoken language skills by realizing the whole day activities at the end of the day translate them into English and present them in front of mirror. Good intentions are important this rule applies in all sort of life aspects.

    Whoever get benefit from this article remember me in your prayers.

    Aamir Malik

    Harris Iqbal


    Not knowing too much about you, and knowing the fact that FastTech is just starting up their operations, I don’t think what you have stated above is entirely correct. Being a Call Center Manager for the past 18 months, I have seen that one of the most effective ways to attain the best possible performance from your CSRs is via constant “valid” pressure. By pressure, I do not mean torture, I mean pressure in terms of performance. It should be complemented with effective, through and regular evaulations/feedback. This will help bring out the best in your CSRs.

    Secondly, the best ways to improve english is by listening. There are various accent training CDs available that can be bought off the shelf.

    But to be very realistic, what I have seen over the years, CSRs improve the most when they start pitching. Picthing really makes a difference, and you as a Manager will start noticing a difference in the performance of your CSRs almost immediately.

    PS: Aamir, you text contains several grammatical mistakes.

    – Harris

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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